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modified: Thursday January 21, 2016

Welcome to Uniforms Etc.
a part of the StationHouse Leathers and Gear Family of Web Storefronts

Uniforms Etc. is an on-line catalog of military, police and security uniforms, hats, duty gear, leather accessories, badges and other items.  We have searched out suppliers that represent the best combination of quality and value,  companies such as Liberty Uniform Shirts and Trousers,  JayPee™, Smith & Wesson, Ontario Knife and Rothco™.

Main Catalog

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bullet Liberty Uniform Products
bullet Liberty Shirts
bullet Uniform Trousers
bullet Liberty Uniform Jackets and Windbreakers
bulletEconomy Uniform Shirts
bullet Uniform Trousers
bulletBDUs, tactical shirts and flight coveralls
bullet Tri-Color BDUs, Caps
bullet BDU Shorts
bulletMilitary and duty belts in leather
bulletJayPee Leather Belts
bullet Police and E.M.T. clothing
bullet Web duty accessories
bulletDuty Accessories from JayPee®
bulletS.W.A.T. Knives
bulletTactical Knives
bulletBoot Knives
bulletSam Browne Belts
bulletSam Browne Jr.
bulletUniform hats and caps
bulletLogo caps
bulletShoulder patches
bulletBadge Holders
bulletMiscellaneous sundries

Uniforms Etc. is a collection of eleven, product oriented on-line catalogs. The list of these catalogs can be reached at any time by clicking on the Main Catalog link in the left navigation bar.  For now you can use the list at the right to get started.

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