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modified: 30 March, 2012

jp_logo.jpg (3985 bytes)cart-big.gif (2142 bytes)DUTY and UNIFORM BELTS from JayPee®

JayPee manufactures a high quality line of uniform and duty belts.  We offer a good selection of Garrison duty belts, Ranger belts, Sam Browne belts and shoulder straps. Belt accessories available through button in navigation bar at left.

black_vs_brown.jpg (8274 bytes)All belts come in BLACK finish, the brown coloration in some illustrations is a result of a lightening process to show details.  A dark brown finish (see lower belt at right) is available at approximately 25% higher price on a special order basis only. Please contact us for more information.

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Garrison Style Trouser Belts

leather_belt_small.jpg (3802 bytes)13SS standard, duty belt; unlined for economy; plain finish with outer bead;

>13BW same as above but with a basketweave finish.

13CL same as above but with a Clarino finish. This is the belt to buy for dress and parade use; fully lined.

bulletbelts have heavy duty, nickel plated buckles;
bullet1¾" wide belt will fit almost all uniform trousers and BDUs;
bulletall leather construction;
bulletavailable in plain, basketweave or clarino finishes;
bulletAvailable in two colors: black, or in chestnut (dark) brown at extra cost

click here for finish comparison

Please [contact us] if you need a size larger than 52"

BUY JP-13 BELT @ $31.95

Choose a belt size (overestimate is safer, these belts run short for the marked length; best bet is to measure actual belt size and add an inch)
30     32     34     36     38         
40     42     44     
46 @ $39.95 50 @ $39.95  52 @ $39.95

Choose a belt finish
13SS plain   13BW basketweave (from $38.95)
413SSC clarino in black (add $11.00)

Choose a belt color:
plain in brown (add $8.00)
basketweave in brown (add $10.00, note: choose basketweave above)

Specify belt buckle finish:
nickel     black (add $1.00)     brass (add $1.00)

Ranger Style Trouser Belts

ranger_sizes.jpg (21802 bytes)

Ranger belts have a belt on belt construction.


1½" belt with added 1/2" wide buckle and strap;


available in plain  or baskeetweave as an unlined belt


sizes 30" to 52" (order a size larger than usual)


NEW! brass finished hardware (extra cost)


available in two colors: black, or chestnut brown (extra cost)

Please [contact us] if you need a size larger than 52"

Need a Ranger Style Duty Belt? [click here]

30-44 $34.95
46-52 $43.95


Brown $9.00 extra
30-44 $40.95
46-52 $51.95


Shoulder Straps

Finish off your garrison belt, or other duty belt with a quality, removable shoulder strap with double snap D-rings;

Sam Browne Belts

The definitive duty and uniform belt.  Found in countless variations all over the world.  With shoulder straps (or without).

Sam Browne Jr. Belts

An alternative to a regular Sam Browne belt consisting of a garrison belt and a shoulder strap with D-Rings at a reduced price. 

Other Belts

JayPee Jeans Belt and Trouser Belt

leather_belt.jpg (24179 bytes)Jeans Belt in plain leather or basketweave, 1½" wide with removable  buckle and available in even sizes from 30" to 54",  nickel fittings only.
Fits all standard jeans station-wear or work trousers.

Trouser Belt  in plain leather or basketweave,  narrower 1¼" width and available in even sizes from 30" to 54",  nickel fittings only.

Buy Jeans Belt 
sizes 30-44 @ $27.95 (plain) or $34.95 (basketweave)
sizes 46-52 add $7.00


Buy Trouser Belt 
sizes 30-44 @ $24.95 (plain) or $33.95 (basketweave)
sizes 46-52 add $7.00



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