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modified: 02 Jun 2005

cart-big.gif (2142 bytes)Stock Embroidered Shoulder Patches

This set of economical, precisely embroidered shoulder patches are quality crafted here in the United States. All are done on a quality twill with a sealed plastic backing. Categories include police department, security guard, sheriff department, search and rescue, fire department, and USA flag patches.
Shipping Information: If all you are ordering is a single patch or a couple of pkgs. of 2, our normal shipping/handling charge of $3.00 is waived. Just add $1.00 to cover things.

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SAVE 20%
on 4 or more patches
of the same design

[security] [sheriff dept.] [fire dept.] [Flag]

secur_silver.jpg (22547 bytes)secur_gold.jpg (22046 bytes)Gold or silver lettering "SECURITY" at top; blue merrowed edge; Gold Eagle in center with Red/White/Blue shield on chest and silver arrows; on black base with a sealed plastic backing on black twill; manufactured overseas. Size 4.0"W x 4.3"H SP160


$4.49 ea.


security_emblem.gif (36929 bytes)Gold lettering "SECURITY" (curved on top), "OFFICER" (curved on bottom", with Gold circle around Gold justice scales in center. Done with matching Gold merrowed edge on Dark Navy twill. Size is 4.4"W x 3.5"H SP137 $2.49 ea.

$4.49 pkg. 2

security_emblem.jpg (7129 bytes)Gold lettering "SECURITY" at top; matching Gold merrowed edge; White Eagle in center with Red/White/Blue crest on chest; on black twill. Size 4.0"W x 4.3"H SP139 $4.49 ea.

pkg. 2

[security] [sheriff dept.] [fire dept.] [Flag]

sheriff_eagle.gif (15138 bytes)Gold lettering "SHERIFF DEPT." at top; matching Gold merrowed edge;  on black twill; White Eagle at bottom center with Red/White/Blue crest on chest. Size 4.0"W x 4.5"H SP133 $4.49 ea.

pkg. 2


sheriff.gif (37209 bytes)Six pointed Star in gold embroidery; black "SHERIFF DEPT" lettering in center; done with a black merrowed edge on light brown twill. Size is 3.0" round SP116


$3.95 ea.

pkg. 2

Fire Department
[security] [sheriff dept.] [[fire dept.] [Flag]

emt_emblem.gif (20556 bytes)Navy blue "EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN" and merrowed edge. Special treatment of medical emblem (center) in Red, Navy, and Gold. The base material is white twill. Size is 3.0" round. SP127 $3.49 ea.

pkg. 2

emt_emblem.gif (20556 bytes)Navy blue "SEARCH RESCUE" and merrowed edge. The center Maltese also has a navy blue with Gold "FIRE DEPT", hat, hook, ladder, hydrant, and outlines of Maltese. The base material is white twill. Size is 3.1" round. SP140 $3.49 ea.

pkg. 2

fire_rescue.gif (19335 bytes)Red lettering "FIRE RESCUE", fire hydrant, hook/ladder in a Maltese with merrowed edge, all done on white twill. Centered inside the Maltese is a blue six point star of life with snake/staff of life. Size is 3.2" round. SP138 $3.49 ea.

$6.29 pkg. 2

fire.gif (20191 bytes) This is a sharp looking emblem with fireman in dark orange fire gear with tank/hose in middle of a fire. Bright Gold inner frame with leaves circles encloses the fireman. Gold/brown is used for the water hose and air hoses. Red flames are around the fireman and are used for the wording, "FIRE" (top), "DEPT" (bottom). As a final touch, black thread outlines and defines the images. It is done on a white twill material with black merrowed edge. Size is 3.2"W x 3.7"H. SP141 $5.95 ea.

pkg. 2


usflag.jpg (23740 bytes)USA Flag patches in regular or subdued (Black and OD) in two sizes including 4x6 [click here]
branchtapes.jpg (30248 bytes)Soft, sew-on, embroidered security officer (gold) and security guard (silver) "shields". Great for use in situations where a regular badge could be pulled off. SP-SS $5.95

pkg. 2


no further discounts

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