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Links to Other Businesses

PX Direct - source for real prison equipment and uniforms (you know, those orange jumpsuits).
Academy Training Center - the original military and prison re-creations and simulations and custom tailored bondage experiences. Fees start above $1,000. This site also links to the full Academy Entertainment video catalog (we would appreciate your buying your tapes from us).
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)Circlet Press - publishes a wide range of erotic science fiction and fantasy, including books, magazines, how-to manuals, graphic novels and works of sexual politics, particularly bondage/SM/leather and other alternative sexualities.

Links to Information Sites [Fun Stuff] [Other]

Connecticut State Police - the official web site. -The Police Officer's Internet Directory, with several thousand links to just about everything.
Team Delta - re-creations and simulations of P.O.W., S.E.E.R. and Brig experiences. Reasonable fees for weekend long sessions.
LAW ENFORCEMENT SITES ON THE WEB, one of the largest and most awarded Law Enforcement sites on the net with hundreds of organized links plus Police Officer materials. (Caution this is a very large single page).
International Law Enforcement (CopNet) - Very much a "public service" site with many links to community and LEO information sites.
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)FireFlag - FireFLAG/EMS is a national peer support group for gay and bisexual firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and our friends
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)In Uniform - a gay oriented site for men with interest  in uniforms or with a uniform fetish. Also the the first magazine by Men In Uniform or Men In Uniform.
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)Vulcan America - is a magazine devoted to "Rubbermen, Macho Fetish and Fantasy." We bring to you the hottest in Man to Man action, both in words and pictures.
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)GAGG - The Gay Army Gear is an International Contact Group, for Gay men with Army Gear fetishes.
stop.wmf (2966 bytes)The Military & Police Uniform Association - is a club for meeting gay men who like uniforms, boots, and leather photos, FREE personal ads for members, stories, and articles.

Links to Fun stuff [Businesses] [Information]

Babylon5 - One of the best science fiction TV series ever. The first link is a privately maintained, unofficial site, with full synopsis's, pictures, background, comments from the playwright, etc.  The second link the the official TNT website.
Law Enforcement Humor - for when you need a break from the real world.

Links to Other Things

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