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Tear Drop Cock Rings

Tear Drop ("cock sling") Cock Rings in Rubber or in Light Weight Castings.

An innovative design that is gaining in popularity.  Designed to fit snugly around the cock and balls with a contoured tongue that gently messages the perineum (the spot between the balls and anus) or can be used to support the cock and balls.  The tear drop is available in different sizes to fit most men.  For how to put on the tear drop, check out the instructions below.

Cock Armour


[see below]

Teardrop shaped Cock Rings (other than Cock Armour) can be worn in several different ways:
  1. The most common position is with the tongue tip inward and down so that it stimulates the perineum.
  2. Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and up to cradle your balls, creating a ledge of support (this will also press against vagina or ass when fucking).
  3. A third possibility is to turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and down. So when fucking, you will feel the Teardrop Cock Ring grind your balls into your partner with each stroke.

Cock Armour

Illustration of cock armour in use (using clear model)Perfect Fit Cock Armour is available in one color: Black, and in two sizes standard 1.7"/43mm) or large (1.9� / 48 mm) - owing to the stretchy nature of the material, another 1/4" is available for the size.
The Cock Armour works similar to prolong rings. Cock Armour is a new concept in cock luxury; it is a product that defies categorization. It is not a traditional cock ring, but incorporates many original features
It was designed by Perfect Fit's Steve Callow to fit like a cod piece and push your entire package out completely from your body
( The placement is close to the body and under both the penis and testicles.)

In addition, there is a raised nib at the tip (see illustration at left) to further enhance how the tongue messages the perineum.
Cock Armour is made from phthalate free, non-toxic materials PFBLEND formula from Silicone and Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, and a water based lubricant is recommended.


 BUY  Cock Armour in Black at $34.95

Choose size:  


Cock Armour Push

The Cock Armour Push is a variation on the original Cock Armour. Put your best package forward with the revolutionary design of our Armour Push, the cock ring that has a little something extra.  This slimmer version of the best-selling Cock Armour, has an extra ridge that gives your package an extra lift.  As if that wasn�t enough, the anatomical shape hugs your torso and stimulates your perineum for a more intense orgasm.
The Cock Armour Push is available in standard size only (1.7in) but in two colors black and clear.

Buy Cock Armour Push at $24.95



Cock  Sling

Tantus Cock Sling - TAN2158B.jpgThe Tantus brand "cock sling" is available in silicone which is phthalate free and hypoallergenic.  It available  in cock  (base) sizes of 1� and 2 inches.  

 BUY Tantus Cock Sling @  $32.95 

Specify Size  
Specify Color:
Note: Red available only in 1 inch size.

Tear Drop

The Jim Diamond branded metal tear drop is available in four ring sizes with prices starting at $39.95.  Average weight is 6 oz.

BUY Tear Drop Cock Ring in Metal

Specify Size

To use, place a small amount of lubricant on the inside of the sling and slide the sling around the testicles, then the penis.

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