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Anal Toys

 ** All anal toys are sold as novelties only.  **
StationHouse Leathers and Gear does not assume any liability from their use.

Please be careful when using plugs or dildos. Rectal tissue can be easily damaged.

Clean after use with water and an anti-bacterial soap. Pat dry with a soft towel and allow to air dry.
* Generously apply talc powder or use corn starch.  We suggest wrapping toys in old towels or t-shirts to prevent them from sticking to one another or picking up dirt.

Avoid the use of certain oil based lubricants. Water based lubricants are best.

Anal toys come in a variety of styles, each with a different feel and a different purpose.  The longer ones (generally dildos, dongs and probes) can be used to directly stimulate the prostate gland which has been shown to be an erogenous zone in both men and women.  Plugs can have a similar effect, but are generally used as a form of control/domination or discipline. 
Note: historically dildos (also called dongs) have been used as substitutes for male sex organs by women.

Dildos, butt plugs and butt toys are from
either Doc Johnson or from California Exotic Novelties  

New Items!

Triple Threat


Triple Header

(if the triple threat is too big)


Vibrating "Red Boy"


the "Pacifier"

One of our Men's Only items

Personal Hygiene
with Shower Bidets

Gumdrop Butt Plug

Vibrating Red Cock w/Balls(waterproof)

Men's Pleasure Wand

One of our Men's Only items

Anal Trainer Kit


 Red Boy Butt Plugs

 the Rascal "Inmate"

Men's ProPal

One of our Men's Only items

 Red Boy Probes


Red Boy Sword



Full Product Listing
(click on any picture for item information)

the Anal Probe


the Anal Invader

The Anal Wand

Anal Trainer Kit


the Ballsy
 tripleripple ballsydick.jpg (85059 bytes)

the Big One


Butt Plugs


tool_bender.jpg (83587 bytes)


the Fist


Giant Cock with Balls


 Giant Jumbo Jack


the Hand


the John Holmes


Jumbo Jack


the Kong




Man Handler
manhandler_pkg2.jpg (45908 bytes) 


Men's Pleasure Wand


the Dick Rambone


the Rascal "Inmate"



Red Boy Butt Plugs

Rippled Plugs

the Jeff Stryker

The Sword

SuperCock Series

Triple Header

Triple Threat

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating Kong

Vibrating Realistic

Vibrating Ripple

Vibrating Stryker

Vibrating Red Cock w/Balls

Vibrating "Red Boy"


Other Catalog Items

Personal Hygiene
with Shower Bidets

Medical Dilators

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