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modified: Thursday, June 02, 2005

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Softer Side

The Softer Side (non-hardware items) like clothing and hats, shoe polish, sunglasses and other sundries.

[Figurines] [G.I. Dust Goggles] [Street Caps] [Lincoln Shoe Polish] [Boot Laces]


Cold Cast Bear Figurines starting at $3.95



Eye Wear

Aviator Style Sunglasses
aviator_green.jpg (7883 bytes)  

G.I. Dust Goggles

updated: 11.18.2006

dust goggles.jpg (20749 bytes)Dust goggles with clear and dark gray plastic lenses; soft rubber gasket for dust-tight fit; will fit over regular glasses.

G.I. surplus only available in clear/gray with black rubber frames.
Imported version available in black, Olive Drab (OD) and Khaki frames.

BUY Imported Goggle @ $15.95 (GI Surplus $19.95)

Type   Frame Color


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goggles.jpg (9267 bytes)Black-out Goggles - same as above but with a black, light blocking lens; perfect when you want to get away from it all. (Imported G.I. Style with black frame only);

BUY DUST-BLK @ $19.95

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Body Wear

Street Caps

updated: 03.12.2006

street caps.jpg (8755 bytes)Street caps are great for work details or just lounging at the beach; leather size adjuster (one size fits all); ventilated with extra deep bill;
in Black, Camo, Khaki (tan), Navy Blue and Olive Drab

BUY STREET in @ $9.95 ea.  

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Other Items

lincoln_stain_wax_small.jpg (3723 bytes)Lincoln, genuine USMC issue shoe polish; staining wax to restore color and cleaning agents to help recondition the leather; in snap top container.

BUY WAX @ $2.95

Nylon Boot Laces - 72" long with fused tips;  pkg. in pairs  72-LACE $

[Bear Figurines] [Eye Wear] [G.I. dust goggles] [Street Caps]

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