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A collection of items you expect to find in a traditional hardware store.

bulletnylon  & polypropylene web straps
bulletchain links and snaps
bulletOther Items:
bulletGas Masks
bulletEMT Scissors
bulletChoker Chain Collars

Web Straps

Straps from 1/2" to 2" with a variety of quick release buckles; in nylon or polypropylene.


Small brass padlocks;

L-650.jpg (6108 bytes)medium lock is Guard brand solid brass padlock; 9/16" shackle widths; keyed alike;
sold individually or in pairs;

L-1789.jpg (3911 bytes)brass lock with durable black enamel finish; good for luggage locks and other light duty use; 3/8" shackle width. keyed alike;
these locks sold in pairs only

large brass lock with 1" shackle width; key individually;

resetable 3 number combination locks; two sizes;

Chain Links and Snaps

double_ended_tm.jpg (1747 bytes)double ended snaps in cast zinc and malleable iron.
panic_snaps_tm.jpg (1591 bytes)panic snaps in three sizes
Quik_n_Snap_tm.jpg (1858 bytes)chain links in 2 styles and 3 sizes

Metal and Rubber Rings

rings_small.jpg (4260 bytes)Welded steel rings, plastic rings and neoprine rings.

Other Hardware

gas_mask_tm.jpg (2799 bytes)Surplus gas masks from Israel and Russia.

emt_scissors_tm.jpg (3324 bytes)EMT (Emergency Medical Tech.) shears; cut almost anything.

choker.jpg (21842 bytes)choker chains in heavy duty and light duty styles.

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