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Knife Catalog

|Pocket Knives| |Folding - Lock-Back Knives| |Camping Knives| |Paramilitary Knives|

Boy Scout Knives

From Camillus, made in the USA, official logo Boy Scout pocket and lock-back knives starting at $32.50 with quantity discounts.

Camping Knives

Air Force Survival Knives in sheath with sharpening stone, in two styles plain leather sheath (Camillus) and metal reinforced sheath (Ontario Knives).
Plus a Navy Seal Combat Knife.

Lock-Back Knives

Imported from Taiwan, a selection of high quality lock-back folding knives from Fury, Valor and Mustang. Priced from $24.95 to $45.95 with quantity discounts.

Paramilitary Knives

Several selections of general purpose utility knives from Spec-Plus

|Boy Scout Knives| |Pocket Knives| |Folding - Lock-Back Knives| |Camping Knives|

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