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modified: Thursday June 02, 2005 Back ] Next ]Candlesticks

These great items are perfect for the rumpus room, the Mother-in-Law's bedroom, the dungeon or  Halloween parties. Nicely detailed castings with hand painted details and an old-bone finish; brass candle cups 1/2" to 3/4" diameter; made in Mainland China;  packed in solid plastic foam for shipping; made in Mainland China.
click on any image to see a larger one

10% discount when buying 2 of an item.

279.jpg (36510 bytes)A-279 Pencil Cup That's what is says on the invoice! This collection of skeletons can hold pillar candles, forks and spoons, pencils or whatever; 5" in diameter and 5" high, weighs 3 lbs

BUY A-279  @ $14.95

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283.jpg (19108 bytes)A-283 Candle Holder  Low profile holder made of piled up skulls and parts of arms;
5" in diameter; weighs 1 lb.

BUY A-283 @ $8.95 

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259.jpg (56109 bytes)A-259  Big Skull An oversized skull with a crown of thorns headband; other skulls are held within the mouth; 6" high x 4" deep x 3" wide[ weighs almost 2 lbs.

BUY A-259 @ $11.95

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261.jpg (30233 bytes)A-261 Candelabra A skeleton hand with three candle holders; decorated with spiders and scorpions; fun expressions on left and right skulls. 9" high and 5" wide

BUY A-261  @ $12.49

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263.jpg (13452 bytes)A-263 The Laughing Skull A demonic skull held up by twisted bones and roots; lots of 3 dimensional detail.7" high 

BUY A-263 @ $10.95

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262.jpg (62518 bytes)A-262 The Hands  Two skeleton hands gripping a leg bone candle stick (along with a spider crawling up the side.7" high, 3" diameter

BUY A-262 @ $10.95

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