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Manbound/ Sportsheets

Sportsheets International markets a variety of toys, restraints and other erotica.  Their goals is "keeping couples together".   (One of their catch phrases is "let your body be held captive ... and set your fantasies free")

There are multiple product lines each with it's own approach to marketing.  We have selected part of the Sportsheets line (marketed to straight couples) and part of the Manbound line (marketed to gay couples).  These bondage and restraint products are the same, only the packaging differs.  We preferentially ship the Manbound version if available, unless you need the Sportsheets version as a gift or whatever.

These lighter duty products have easy to use Velcro closure systems and soft to the skin neoprene/fabric liners.
Our prices represent a discount of approximately 20% off of normal list.  If you need discrete shipping, please mention that in comment box on the order form (we use StationHouse Leathers and Gear as the return address).


Sports Cuffs | Under_the_Bed Restraints | Door_Jamb Restraints | Sexy_Slave_Kit | Bondage_Bar | Drill_Sergeant / G-spot Link


Super Cuffs - comfortable alternative to metal handcuffs

  • pair of wrist/ankle restraints (6 to 13 inches inside lengths)
  • neoprene lined
  • extra-secure with double locking with Velcro closures (easy on / easy off)
  • solid steel rings on tabs


Manbound: SS950-01 | Sportsheets:  SS410-01

BUY   Super Cuffs @26.95



Sports Cuffs

  • pair of wrist/ankle restraints (6 to 13 inches inside lengths)
  • available with adjustable tether straps (48 in. long) and double ended clips
  • neoprene lined with Velcro closures (easy on / easy off)
  • split rings on tabs
  • two restraints can be joined as a collar


Manbound: SS950-02 | Sportsheets: SS400-01

Manbound N/A | Sportsheets: SS440-01

BUY   Sports Cuffs
cuffs only $18.95 with tethers  $32.95


The Bondage Starter Kit

  • Includes 4 wrist/ankle restraints
  • removable 44 inch straps and double ended clips
  • a soft, padded blindfold

 [see the Sexy Slave Kit below for alternate version]

Manbound: SS950-07 | Sportsheets: SS350-01

BUY   Bondage Starter Kit @ $18.95




The Under the Bed Restraint System

  • Includes four cuffs,
  • four 60” restraint straps
  • 60” connector strap
  • Restrains your partner’s arms and legs from the sides or top and bottom of the bed
  • Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress with no hooks
  • Easy to set up on any mattress
  • Portable and great for travel
Manbound" SS950-05 | Sportsheets" SS202-01

BUY   Under the Bed Kit @ $49.95




Deluxe Door "Jam" Cuffs

  • No installation required- just slip straps over and under the door and close (they obviously be used independently)
  • Four adjustable wrist/ankle restraints
  • Four  removable straps that adjust for
    different heights and positions
Manbound; N/A   Sportsheets: ss324-02

BUY   Deluxe Door "Jam" Kit @ $44.95




[ Flash Demonstration - 4.4MB ]


Sexy Slave Kit - a seductive red fantasy kit great for novices

  • Includes 4 wrist and ankle restraints
  • attached 42” long connectors
  • Sultry red blindfold
  • Red feather tickler
Manbound: N/A | Sportsheets: SS680-03

BUY   Sexy Slave Kit @ $26.95




Rigid Bondage Bar

(This one has yet to make it to the Manbound line)

  • 4 comfortable neoprene and
    Velcro® cuffs
  • Cuffs are attached to a rigid, nylon covered,
    24 inch hard metal spreader bar
  • Perfect for multiple positions
  • Easy to secure, easy to remove
  • Includes an instructional DVD
Manbound: N/A | Sportsheets: SS326-01

BUY   Bondage Bar @ $36.95




[ Video (.mov) Demonstration 2.6MB ]

[ Flash Demonstration - 4.4MB ]


Drill Sergeant / G-Spot Link /

A "sexual positioning device" (as Sportsheets calls it) that can also server as a restraint.

  • Two soft, Velcro® ankle attachments
    and adjustable center strap with buckle that opens (<see illustration)
  • Reduces leg fatigue and lower
    back pressure
  • Helps you hit the G-spot every time
  • Includes an instructional booklet that features new positions like the windshield wiper
Manbound: SS950-54 | Sportsheets: SS411-01

BUY   Drill Sergeant / G-Spot Link @ $21.95





Bondage_Starter Kit | Under_the_Bed Restraints | Door_Jamb Restraints | Sexy_Slave_Kit | Bondage_Bar

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