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Traditional Hardware Items

items you expect to find in a Home Depot or discount store, but in sizes and styles they don't carry.

Quik_n_Snap_small.jpg (3231 bytes) double_ended_small.jpg (3597 bytes)Snaps and Links Handy connectors and panic snaps in zinc, malleable iron and steel wire. Extra large sizes you can't find at Home Depot®. under $5.00
rings_small.jpg (4260 bytes)Rings We carry a good collection of rings in welded steel, cast brass, plastic and neoprene rubber. starting at $1.25
padlocksLocks Small brass padlocks in natural or durable black enamel finishes; from $2.25
webstraps_small.jpg (2536 bytes)Nylon Web Straps Highly useful strapping or tying material in 4', 6', 8' and 15' lengths. from $1.25 ea.
webstraps_small.jpg (2536 bytes)Polypropylene Web Straps Highly useful strapping or tying material in 1˝" or 2" widths from $5.49ea.

Miscellaneous Items

a bunch of odd items just like you expect to find in an old fashioned New England hardware store (or maybe not).

gas_mask.Gas Masks two different styles of functional gas masks. from $19.95
Wartenberg Wheels also known as neurological pinwheels. Not Available at this time
emt_scissorsEmergency Shears just like used by  military and EMT personnel $9.95

the Soft Side of Hardware

a bunch of non-hardware items, you know, things to wear, etc.

aviator_green_small.jpg (1836 bytes)Sunglasses four different styles including mirrored. from $6.95
bike.jpg (6162 bytes)Bike Jockstraps in blackonly $5.95.
lincoln_stain_wax_small_tm.jpg (2899 bytes)Shoe Polish the polish used by Marines for the spit shined look. only $2.95
Nylon boot laces, first quality, 72" length.  only $
dust_goggles_small.jpg (2272 bytes)G.I. dust goggles in see thru and blackout styles. from $15.95
  Military style street caps, in five colors; one size fits all. just $9.95

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