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Odds and Ends


They look like a toy, but these are constructed with the same basic features as regular handcuffs; each side is opened independently and has a double locking mechanism; with plastic carry case and two "standard" keys. In bright nickel finish or semi-gloss black.

BUY FURY-903 @ $9.95   FINISH: nickel  black

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Lock Boxes  (Limited Quantities)

Model 7082 BLUE BOX #1

This two piece, transport handcuff  unit closes over the handcuffs to cover the keyholes for safer transport; also reduces flexing and provides a gripping point;
made from reinforced ABS and steel.
This unit needs to be used with economy belly chain or with leather strap;

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Model 7082 BLUE BOX #2

This is the first transport box to be specifically made to convert a set of hinged handcuffs into rigid handcuffs.  The box covers the keyholes and allows double locking to be accomplished after application to the individual. The  unit can be used in conjunction with the economy belly chain or alone if padlock is used.

bulletone-piece construction
bulletmade from high quality steel; plated to resist corrosion
bulletfits over most brands of hinged handcuffs

BUY Blue Box @ $21.95 $18.95
for regular cuffs (7082 #1) 1 Available
hinged cuffs (7082 #2) - 2 Available

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