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Modified: 19 Feb 2013

Outfitters in Police and Security Gear Online Catalog

New Items

bulletLiberty Uniform Millennium Jacket
bulletAviator style mirrored Sunglasses
bulletProfessional grade batons
bulletSam Browne belt and shoulder strap combinations

The The Professional Shop for the discriminating buyer.

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Pages comparing specific types of products from different manufacturers or brand names:
handcuffs handcuffs, thumbcuffs and the Iron Claw including hinged and oversized
leg cuffs traditional and short chain leg irons; includes budget priced items
transport work chains belly chains, transport chains, work chains and gang chains
keys specialty keys and spare keys from JayPee and ZAK Tools
accessories (JayPee) handcuff cases; key keepers;
baton holders; badge holders;
shoulder straps and break-away clips, Sam Browne Belts
tactical gear and hardware Economy batons and nightsticks;
Pro Batons;
tactical knives;
elbow and knee protectors; riot helmets;
tactical gear bags;
hardware quick links and snap links;
web straps; EMT Scissors;
duffle bags;
clothing SWAT Cloth BDUs; SWAT Caps;
Rain Gear; Safety Vests;
SEMT/Police Shorts;
uniform accessories budget badges

Use this handy list of product categories to quickly find a product page.

Handcuffs and Wrist Restraints

Cuff Holders
Cuff Holders
Fury Imports
Hiatt Handcuffs
Odds and Ends
S&W Handcuffs
Store Brand

Tactical Gear and Hardware

Rain Gear
S&W SWAT Knives
S&W SWAT Knives
Safety Vests
Spec+ Military
Tactical Gear Bags
Tactical Gear Bags


Leg Irons and Restraints

Fury Imports
Hiatt Leg Cuffs
Odds and Ends
S&W leg irons incl.
S&W  leg irons
Solid Bar Cuffs

Uniforms and Clothing

Rain Gear
Safety Vests


Transport Equipment

S&W Belly Chain
S&W Model 1800 Illustration
Transport Chains


Badge Holders
Baton Holders
Baton Holders
Break-away Clips
Cuff Holders
Cuff Holders
Key Keepers


Cuff Keys and Holders

JayPee Keys
JayPee Keys
Key Keepers
Zak Tools Keys
Zak Tools Keys


Break-away Clips
Budget Badges
Fury Imports
Odds and Ends
Store Brand


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To find a pages listing all of the products that we sell from a specific manufacturer, just click on any of the logos found below:

Smith & Wesson Police Restraints Page JayPee police and security accessories page.
Smith Warren On-Line Catalog

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