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modified: 10 November, 2007

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Military Web Belts

Military style web belts in standard 1" widths. Buckles come in open and closed styles, black, brass plated and nickel plated finishes.

Reversible web belts with buckle include web_belts.jpg (23482 bytes)Reversible web belts with buckle.  
Lower Prices!

These all cotton web belts fit all BDUs, BDU Shorts, EMT Shorts; can also be worn with jeans and other casual pants; cut tolength (usually 2-3" longer) to fit after washing for 1st time.

  • sizes available are 44" and 54" all colors; 
    64" Black, OD/Camo, City Camo/White
  • choice of black solid buckle (as in illustration) or black open style buckle
    compare] or with nickel (navy only) or brass (black or khaki only) buckles
Length Price
44" $2.99
54" $3.79
<NEW> 64" $4.49

colors available are:
E black
B camo/olive drab (reversible)
F olive drab/olive drab
A city camo/white reversible

C navy

NEW  Navy Blue with Nickel finish closed buckle and tip (not shown)
NEW  Black or khaki with closed brass buckles and tips (not shown).

Buy WEB Belt(s)

Select Color: blackcamo/OD Olive Drab city camo/white
khaki navy blue navy blue (nickel finish)
Pick a Size:
44 in $2.99 54 in ($3.79
64 in ($4.49)  (black, city, OD only)

Choose Buckle Style:
closed black
open black 
closed nickel (navy only)  
closed brass (black or khaki) 
open brass (black or khaki) 

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