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modified: 02 June, 2005

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Leather Trouser Belts

[Ranger Style] [Garrison Style] [Dress Style]

JP belt finish include file

black_vs_brown.jpg (8274 bytes)All belts come in BLACK finish, the brown coloration in some illustrations is a result of a lightening process to show details.  A dark brown finish (see lower belt at right) is available at approximately 25% higher price on a special order basis only. Please contact us for more information.

Ranger Style Trouser Belts include file

Ranger Style Trouser Belts

ranger_sizes.jpg (21802 bytes)

Ranger belts have a belt on belt construction.

  • 1" belt with added 1/2" wide buckle and strap;

  • available in plain  or baskeetweave as an unlined belt

  • sizes 30" to 52" (order a size larger than usual)

  • NEW! brass finished hardware (extra cost)

  • available in two colors: black, or chestnut brown (extra cost)

Please [contact us] if you need a size larger than 52"

Need a Ranger Style Duty Belt? [click here]

30-44 $34.95
46-52 $43.95


Brown $9.00 extra
30-44 $40.95
46-52 $51.95


Garrison Style Trouser Belts

Garrison Style Trouser Belts

leather_belt_small.jpg (3802 bytes)13SS standard, duty belt; unlined for economy; plain finish with outer bead;

>13BW same as above but with a basketweave finish.

13CL same as above but with a Clarino finish. This is the belt to buy for dress and parade use; fully lined.

  • belts have heavy duty, nickel plated buckles;
  • 1" wide belt will fit almost all uniform trousers and BDUs;
  • all leather construction;
  • available in plain, basketweave or clarino finishes;
  • Available in two colors: black, or in chestnut (dark) brown at extra cost

click here for finish comparison

Please [contact us] if you need a size larger than 52"

BUY JP-13 BELT @ $31.95

Choose a belt size (overestimate is safer, these belts run short for the marked length; best bet is to measure actual belt size and add an inch)
30     32     34     36     38         
40     42     44     
46 @ $39.95 50 @ $39.95  52 @ $39.95

Choose a belt finish
13SS plain   13BW basketweave (from $38.95)
413SSC clarino in black (add $11.00)

Choose a belt color:
plain in brown (add $8.00)
basketweave in brown (add $10.00, note: choose basketweave above)

Specify belt buckle finish:
nickel     black (add $1.00)     brass (add $1.00)

JayPee Trouser Belt

JayPee Jeans Belt and Trouser Belt

leather_belt.jpg (24179 bytes)Jeans Belt in plain leather or basketweave, 1" wide with removable  buckle and available in even sizes from 30" to 54",  nickel fittings only.
Fits all standard jeans station-wear or work trousers.

Trouser Belt  in plain leather or basketweave,  narrower 1" width and available in even sizes from 30" to 54",  nickel fittings only.

Buy Jeans Belt 
sizes 30-44 @ $27.95 (plain) or $34.95 (basketweave)
sizes 46-52 add $7.00


Buy Trouser Belt 
sizes 30-44 @ $24.95 (plain) or $33.95 (basketweave)
sizes 46-52 add $7.00



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