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modified: 10 September 2014

Cock 'n Ball Straps and Harnesses

Our line of quality /genital straps and harnesses, a lot different than using cord or other  materials. The straps are more adjustable than cock/love rings and can be applied or removed at any time.  The cock and ball harnesses provide a comfortable separation or feeling of confinement.

The Product Line

Cock Straps

 Usage The cock strap is placed at the base of the penis behind the genitalia (ball sack). Properly sized and used, a strap will help prolong the erection.

Economy leather cock straps in several styles, lined and unlined. [basic_straps.htm]

We also carry some of the Red's Leather™ line [Red's Leather™]

Looking for something other than leather?  Try our line of industrial rubber straps [Rubber Straps and Harnesses].

Cock and Ball Harnesses

[T-Harnesses] in leather or rubber with various degrees of adjustment. 

Cock and Ball Cages in metal, leather or rubber. (see list at left)

Cock Rings and Bands

From the traditional thin metal cock ring (or it's rubber variation) to bands and donuts, we have a good value selection. (see list at left)

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