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modified: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A good quality imported set of medical "sounds" which are used to dilate the urethra or other fluid channels.  The sets consist of 8 individual, stainless steel dilators, each with two sizes starting at 1/8th inch and going up to 5/8th inch. Dilators are 8 inches long.
Comes in a cloth lined, zipper leather case.
medical sounds.jpg (47651 bytes)

A. Hagar Sounds with a subtle French curve. Ok for men or women. $79.95  OUT OF STOCK



B. Pratt Double Ended Urinary Tract Dilators intended mainly for men. 10" long. $89.95  OUT OF STOCK



C. Straight Double Ended Urinary Tract Dilators, 10" long. Suitable for penis insertion. $79.95  OUT OF STOCK

BUY   Set of Urinary Dilators  (Sounds)

Specify Style: A. Hagar $79.95  B. Pratt $89.95 
C. Straight

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