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modified: 03/12/2006

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U.S.A. Flags Decals, Patches

Sew-on Flag Patches

Nice quality, embroidered cloth patches.  Sew-on or use heat sensitive tape.  Washes well with very little shrinkage.  Plasticized back.  Shipped either USPS First Class or Priority Mail.

3x5" flag patch

Suitable for shoulder on uniforms or coveralls, or the front or back of jacket or shirt.  Comes only in gold border.

BUY large flag patch @ $4.00 (buy 3 or more at $3.50)

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2x3" flag patch

This item is available with the field of stars on the left (A.) or with the field of stars to the right as in Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom style (B.)
The same size patch is now available with white rather than gold borders.  This is a great look for light blue or white security, EMT, police shirts.  It comes in conventional left field of stars (C.) or in reverse field of stars (D.)
A subdued version (black on olive drab) of the smaller flag patch.  Great on BDUs or jackets.

Buy  2x3" flag patch @ 2.00 ea. (three identical patches @1.75)

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Flag Cap

Fully adjustable, brushed twill cap, with padded sweatband.  Dark navy blue with embroidered red USA and a flag.  One size fits all.

BUY Flag Cap @ $8.95 (buy 3 or more @ 8.00 each)

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